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Ettre-Kartsai Cane Corso Kennel

The origin of the Cane Corso, though ancient, but a brand new breed, leads back to the Roman Empire, where they served as guards of livestock. They were specifically bred for helping peasants in every day chores, guarding animal. There are several theories regarding the origin of the name, the most obvious, yet, the Greek "CORTOS" version, suggesting the function of the dog as "guard". Guard of property, backyard, the owner and his family, as well as the livestock.

Cane Corso pictureDog breeding is a tradition in our family. My uncle and cousin - both are Veterinarians - have been breeding dogs (Wirehaired Dachshunds and Bulldogs) for decades. My first encounter with dogs was in 1992, when I had my very first "own" puppy - Alex - a Dobermann. Short time after I found a friend for him, an Argentine Dog named Argos. I started to attend the national and international dog shows with Argos more and more often, where a very unique, intelligent and robust dog caught my eyes. The CANE CORSO.

In the summer of 1996 my "third musqueter" has arrived in our family, YAGO "The Cane Corso". He has made our life together greatly successful, taking home awards from every show we have ever attended.

The Ettre-Kartsai Kennel is located in Budapest/HUNGARY and registered with the Hungarian Cane Corso Club (founded in 1999).

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