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Description of Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is a medium size, strong bodied, still quick and very active real guard dog that does not know fear. Their force, speed, enormously strong grip, temperament, loyalty to the owner and family, their admiration toward children, commitment to work, all make Cane Corsos respectful members of the "dog-society". Their behavior toward strangers rather unfriendly, they definitely keep distance. The puppies from a very early age bark at strangers, signaling danger.

Yago resting on the backyardGuarding is in their blood. Their instinct to hunt is highly developed. They are intelligent, very quick learners, they demand exercise. Ideal for guarding duties, although the Cane Corsos are not recommended for "weak handed" or "first dog" owners. Since Corsos are very attractive at first glimpse it is highly recommended to consult an expert before making decision to own one.

It is very important that the Cane Corso owners and owners-to-be recognize the goal of breeding; to save the breed, to improve the success of the breed, to make the breed popular among caring animal lovers.

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